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Little Giant Ladder Systems is the safety and innovation leader in climbing systems and professional access equipment. It has partnered with safety professionals all over the country to develop real solutions to real safety problem

Solutions to most common ladder problems


Unlevel Ground

Ladders and Uneven Ground Don’t Mix

Few, if any, job sites are perfectly level. To save time, operators often improvise leveling methods like bricks, boards, or rocks that are unstable and unsafe. On an ordinary 28-foot ladder, 1-inch out of level at the base puts you 19 inches off center at the top, putting the operator completely outside the footprint of the ladder. Even if he doesn’t over-reach, it takes very little force to destabilize the ladder when you’re that far off center. This kind of situation often leads to the most catastrophic falls.

Problem Tie Off

The Danger

Complying with 3 Points of Contact

Most industries now require ladder users to use fall protection while using a portable ladder or to work in a guardrail-enclosed platform or scaffold while working above ground. In many cases, operators find it difficult and even impossible to comply with these rules and avoid delays or dangerous dangerous improvised situations on the job.

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