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You’re a pro, so you need a ladder that can help you get stuff done faster than ever. The Little Giant® King Kombo™ is the pinnacle of ladder technology, offering a variety of beneficial features that make your ladder safer and more versatile than ever.

  • Combination Ladder
  • Rotating Wall Pad
  • Dual-Purpose Legs
  • Non-Conductive, Hi-Viz Green Fiberglass

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438.95 610.01 
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Every day, contractors and trade professionals face dozens of unique
situations that require different types and sizes of ladders. In many
cases, operators are forced to overreach or use the wrong kind of ladder
to get the job done. Little Giant engineered the King Kombo all-access
ladder to prevent injuries by giving you a versatile, strong, yet
lightweight climbing solution for dozens of applications.

The 3-in-1 Little Giant King Kombo all-access ladder is the world’s
first stepladder, extension ladder, and lean-to ladder in one
lightweight, affordable package.

The King Kombo is constructed of nonconductive, high-strength,
lightweight fiberglass and is a fully articulating combination
ladder—the only one of its kind. Even though it is cost-competitive with
an ordinary stepladder, the King Kombo works as a 375 lb-rated
stepladder, a wide-base extension ladder, and a lean-to ladder, that
also serves as an attic-access ladder and a lightweight, versatile
framing ladder.

Its straight side allows operators to access tight workspaces between
wall studs or ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports. The King
Kombo meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI Type IAA 375-lbs standards for
combination, extension and A-frame stepladders.

King Kombo Professional

King Kombo Pro will literally help you complete most every ladder task on any job site or any project. You can set King Kombo from storage to stepladder to extension in seconds. For tasks like painting, running wire, or accessing a hard-to-reach corner, you can simply use King Kombo as a safe leaning ladder. Thanks to its rotating wall pad for the leaning position, the King Kombo conforms to and protects inside and outside corners and damageable surfaces like aluminum siding, drywall, and stucco. King Kombo’s speed will blow your mind. You have never worked this fast and safe on a task!

King Kombo Industrial

King Kombo Industrial brings all the power and speed of the Pro, with ultra-heavy-duty feet with seriously aggressive tread for elite traction and durability for harsh industrial environments. King Kombo Industrial also brings a tough corner, pole, and stud gripping V-bar for the extension ladder position. This heavy-duty grip conforms to inside and outside corners and even offers protection for damageable leaning surfaces like paint, drywall, and stucco and round poles. Speed, power, and safety—prepare to be faster and safer than ever on the job!

King Kombo Aluminum Stepladder – Features

Combination Ladder

This 3-in-1 combination ladder easily converts from stepladder to extension and leaning configurations, giving you the perfect tool for any job.

Rotating Wall Pad

The crowning jewel of the King Kombo is its rotating wall pad. Now, you can safely set up your ladder on inside and outside corners, walls and studs.

Dual-Purpose Legs

The climbing side of the ladder features wide-flared legs for increased side-tip stability. The extension side of the ladder has a functional rear section to fit between studs, and access tight workspaces between wall studs, ceiling trusses and roof or attic access ports.

Non-Conductive, Hi-Viz Green Fiberglass

Made from lightweight, durable fiberglass, you can work around electricity without fear of conductivity. The Hi-Viz green color also promotes increased visibility to decrease ladder bumping.

model 6+4 14580
model 8+6 14580
Highest Standing Level Max86 cm114 cm173 cm
Highest Standing Level Min 86 cm114 cm173 cm
Maximum Footprint 91 cm112 cm150 cm
Extension Highest Standing Level Min 86 cm91 cm147 cm
Extension Highest Standing Level Max147 cm201 cm325 cm
Extension Max Working Length 244 cm305 cm427cm
Storage Position Dimensions (H x L x P)154 x 64 x 18 cm184 x 64 x18 cm244 x 73 x 18 cm
Ladder Weight8.62 kg 9,9 kg14.51 kg

Little Giant Ladder Configurations

A-Frame Ladder

With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Extension Ladder

large projects the Little Giant easily converts to a stable extension
ladder allowing you to reach rooftops, tree limbs and more with ease.