273.58 341.72 
  • 150 KG. Rated
  • Ground Cue
  • Tools tray
  • Comfortable platform

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273.58 341.72 
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Xtra-Lite Plus™

Not every task requires a large extension ladder. Made from lightweight aluminum, the Little Giant® Xtra-Lite Plus™ stepladder simplifies your daily tasks, giving you a versatile tool for any occasion. Meeting or exceeding all OSHA and ANSI standards, the Xtra-Lite Plus ladder is rated IAA to hold 375 lbs.

Comfortable Standing Platform

If you are going to be standing on your stepladder for long periods of time, you deserve to be comfortable. With the standing platform, you can firmly place your feet on the top step, helping you feel more balanced and more comfortable while working atop the Xtra-Lite Plus.

Tool Tray and Safety Handrail

Gone are the days of feeling vertigo while working on a stepladder. With the safety handrail, you will feel perfectly stable while working on the Xtra-Lite Plus. As an added bonus, the ladder also features a versatile tool tray top cap. Place your smartphone, hammer, drill or other materials on the tray for easy access while working.

Xtra-Lite Plus™ Ladder Features

Light Weight Design

20% lighter in fact! The Little Giant Velocity is constructed of special aircraft-grade alloy that makes it 20% lighter than any comparable industrial-rated ladder. Plus the Tip & Glide™ wheels make for easy transport from job to job.

Super-Fast Setup and Takedown

Setup and adjust your Velocity articulating ladder in seconds thanks to the patented Rock Lock™ system. Simply push the lock to release and adjust the ladder, then tap to lock. It’s simple, fast and safe.

Safety and Stability

Thanks to a redesigned dual pin hinge and wide-flared legs, the Velocity puts you in the safest position to get the job done. The Velocity exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards and is rated to hold 300 lbs.

Model 4Model 5Model 6
Length122 cm152 cm183 cm
Number of stairs234
Maximum standing height53 cm82 cm110 cm
Maximum range251 cm280 cm308 cm
Net inside width37 cm37 cm37 cm
Platform size33 x 33 cm33 x 33 cm33 x 33 cm
Top width40 cm40 cm40 cm
The width of the base49 cm52 cm55 cm
The depth of the base70 cm89 cm107 cm
Storage height130 cm159 cm189 cm
Storage width with base48 cm51 cm53 cm
Storage depth13 cm13 cm13 cm
Mass5.5 kg6.5 kg7.6 kg

Little Giant Ladder Configurations

90° Ladder

Traditional ladders make working close to walls nearly impossible. With the Little Giant, one adjustment allows you to safely work against any vertical surface.

A-Frame Ladder

With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Extension Ladder

For large projects the Little Giant easily converts to a stable extension ladder allowing you to reach rooftops, tree limbs and more with ease.


Since the Little Giant pulls apart to form two scaffold trestles, you just add the optional work plank (sold separately) and trestle brackets (sold separately) to form a convenient scaffolding system.

Staircase Ladder

Because it’s adjustable in one-foot increments, the Little Giant allows one side of the ladder to be extended allowing safe use on uneven surfaces like staircases, curbs or docks.